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Custom Web Development

Our team of experts IT professional allow us to deliver high quality
web application to our clients.


Client Testimonials

Check out what our clients say about us. We can provide their contact information if you would like to talk to them about us further. Email us at

"I highly recommend working with Sandeep, Atul, and Rajiv of Globtier Infotech. I worked with four different providers prior to contracting Globtier Infotech and have interviewed over 40 teams from Guru and Elance extensively over the past year. No other company really understood the complexity of my site, they all promised to deliver at a very low price and in the end produced little poor quality work. Many other companies were scams or guys that just act as a broker and outsourced the work to someone else. Globtier Infotech was different in every way. First, they took time to understand the concept and even my industry. They also provided me with advice for free when I was under contract with another team. The quoted price was certainly not the lowest but it was realistic, unlike the other companies that started low then increased it later. The communicating is seamless. I can reach Sandeep my project manager anytime or contact Rajiv the COO if there is an issue. Globtier Infotech is also incorporated in the US (New Jersey where Atul is located); Good luck trying to enforce a contract with a foreign entity. Most importantly their code quality and programming intuition is superb. We just completed the first phase of this monster project and I could not be happier. After a year of searching I have finally found a team that delivers quality work on time and on budget. Feel free to call them and ask for Kevin's number if you are looking for a personal reference. Thanks Sandeep, Atul, and Rajiv, I look forward to working on phase two."
Kevin Westberg

"Working with Globtier Infotech has truly been a great experience for my business. We were able to implement a state of the art web-based application that separates my company from all competitors. Globtier Infotech has the technology and experience to take the vision of my company and make it a reality. Globtier Infotech is extremely professional and easy to work with, they were able to accommodate my schedule and get the project done on time. I intend to work with Globtier Infotech for all of my technological needs."
Ernest Svolto Jr.
HR Direct LLC []

"As a startup company looking for rapid deployment of a unique solution to our customers, we needed an organization that had the technical skills, rapid deployment abilities and the flexibility to work with constrained budgets. Our solution was delivered on time and on budget. We are happy to have Globtier Infotech continue supporting our development efforts and recommend them highly"
Aram Akopyan
Healing People Network

*Action scripting - *
Globtier Infotech has thoroughly impressed me with their actionscript abilities. They have surpassed my expectations and provided amazing solutions consistently.

*Mambo/Joomla - *
Globtier Infotech has an intense understanding of the Mambo CMS which has enabled us to provide enterprise CMS systems to our clients at a fraction of the cost.
Jason Kolbenheyer
Digital Stance, Inc. []

"When we chose Globtier Infotech for our recent development project, we had an impossible schedule and limited budget but we hoped their experience working within our industry would help to carry the day. Wow, were we
ever amazed by the results!! Globtier Infotech not only met the deadline and the price, their team helped us to design and deliver a better application too."
Robert Gadd
OnPoint Digital, Inc. []

"Saurabh and Priya (Globtier Infotech) are on it!! Professional and prompt, they possess excellent communication skills and delivered the system and designs wanted for my business at a fair rate, and often beyond what I had hoped for. I highly recommend them for all your web needs."
Jim Millar
Pure Surfing Experience,

"Very professional, courteous, and easy to work with. Always responded to e-mails quickly and provided consistent status reporting without being asked.
I would definitely do business with Globtier Infotech again!"
Steve Wiideman,

"Globtier Infotech paid attention to my deadlines throughout the project? They did an excellent HTML graphic design of the site that was completely unexpected. Each time the prices were reasonable and the work completed on time? 
Lee Montz,

E-commerce and online shopping are designed to maximize revenue and increase profits. Customers that select our products are y-generation and web-savvy. Globtier Infotech has expanded our market by giving our Website a fresh, attractive and aesthetic looks. I strongly recommend Globtier Infotech for IT outsourcing."
Varun Gupta,

"We see Globtier Infotech as a key strategic partner for the delivery of our e-Business transformation vision, in terms of providing the expertise, commitment to quality and the skilled resources that will allow us to deliver these solutions in the time frame that we need."
Nitin Bist,
LK Cancer Institute.

"Your team worked meticulously...meeting the schedule challenge and exceeding our expectations on more than one occasion...the resources you brought to bear, both on and offshore, have been sound in their skills and exemplary in their dedication to completing the task on schedule." 
Allan Tandon,

Our Clients
IT Outsourcing India
Why Globtier?

One of the strongest factors that attract most of the Fortune 500 companies worldwide to the outsourcing industry is the significant savings attached to an software outsourcing project On an average, companies report 40% to 60% increase in net savings with the help of Offshore IT Outsourcing.

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