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Content Management System

Content Management System Core Competency:
We have developed Content Management Systems for diverse range of industries. Our customized CMS can turn ordinary websites into dynamic marketing tools and allows our clients to make updates to their sites quickly and easily.

As fully experienced IT outsourcing firm, we are dedicated to helping small and medium size companies find ways to lower their website maintenance and operating costs using online tools. We have a long list of satisfied clients in a diverse range of businesses including E-commerce, social networking, health care, real estate, finance, energy, and many other private and public companies.

Please email to get more information about how our online CMS can improve your website and lower your costs.

Why Use Content Management System?

Content Management System
(CMS) allows the content manager or author of the website, who may not know HTML programming language, to create, modify, remove and organize the information on their website.

The CMS usually uses a database to store the content and a server-side scripting language to recall and present the data. The major benefits of Content Management System (CMS) are independence from technical user and multiple users can collaborate and work on the website content.

Having a business online and being able to manage it using smart tools as CMS has leveled the playing field so that small business owners can effectively compete with larger companies.

What is Mambo/Joomla?

Mambo/Joomla is a CMS and by using it we can separate the look and feel of website from content and its functionality. For this we have to use templates, hence only changing the template we can change the look and feel of the website pages e.g. colors, fonts, alignment, positioning etc. Also we can control the functionality of the website through 'Admin Control'.

It has a very fine admin control for controlling the content of the site, that's why called a content management system.

Features of Mambo/Joomla

For Front-end:
User can also change the content of the site if he/she has permission provided by admin. Front-end interface can be hanged using mambo's templates properties.

For Admin interface:
  • Add menu item - Component
  • Add section
  • Approve a submitted item
  • Assign a template
  • Change access level of content
  • Change homepage (positioning of the content)
  • Create a module
  • Install a template (For different looks to the site)

What we have done in Mambo/Joomla

Our company has very good hands-on experience in developing the Mambo/Joomla based projects. Here are a few examples:

What is Softheon?

Softheon is very powerful and fully featured CMS, which has web-based content Editor, Version Control, Content Authoring, Workflow Administrator and Content Preview tool.

What we have done in Softheon

Our company has very good hands on experience in developing the Softheon based projects. Here are a few examples:

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