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Custom Web Development

Our team of experts IT professional allow us to deliver high quality
web application to our clients.



In this highly competitive offshore segment, we stand out as a leading cost-effective solutions provider, and offer our clients the following benefits:

  • Cost Savings :  Globtier Infotech has a highly competitive pricing structure. We offer competitive rates while being second to none in our domain of expertise. Our unique low flat pricing scheme has been designed to attract long-term relationships.

  • Speed :  Timing is of utmost importance in an industry where effective responsiveness gives you a cutting edge over your competitors. Clients can make optimum utilization of the ready infrastructure, a rich portfolio of reusable modular frameworks to jump-start its projects. This substantially shortens lead times for project start-up. Our experience in interacting over the electronic workspace ensures perfect coordination between various project teams and the client. Our track record is testimony to complex projects delivered within and even before schedule.

  • Quality :  Our Quality Assurance process has been modeled to allow continuous improvement of processes and delivery of defect free software. Our transparent approach allows you ready online access to the QA system and tracks the quality status of the project throughout the software development cycle.

  • Expertise :  Our skilled team of project managers and software engineers trained locally and overseas are quick to embrace new technologies to keep pace with increasingly complex and dynamic requirements.
Our Clients
IT Outsourcing India
Why Globtier?

One of the strongest factors that attract most of the Fortune 500 companies worldwide to the outsourcing industry is the significant savings attached to an software outsourcing project On an average, companies report 40% to 60% increase in net savings with the help of Offshore IT Outsourcing.

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