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Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Search Engine Marketing: The most popular method for search engine marketing is using article submission because it brings the better & obvious results compared to other processes. Some of you may ask why this process is best; the answer is simple: because number of people who read will link to articles that are informative and interesting topics.

The way to successful article marketing is writing an interesting article, an article that stands out from all other articles because now a days 82% of the articles written for marketing point of view never see the light of the day. Readers due to the content instantly delete a main part of it, which in most cases is Spam. Many people think that by adding good online course of keywords (title) to the article, they can achieve a tremendous goal with it and the results will increase their profit. This is a great mistake a writer can make because the article has to be based on some interesting topic, not with the target of adding keywords only.

Search engine marketing, offers number of techniques like signature based article marketing services, Creating and publishing Press Releases, Affiliate marketing network creation and management, Email marketing & campaign management, Paid Advertising (Banner, Text adverts), Web Analytics based campaign management, Paid surveys, Affiliate programs / associate programs, Paid to Sign up, Paid Product Testing, Organize and manage online contests which give numerous advantages because more and more people looking for information on a certain topic look out for such sites.

Spectrum of Internet Marketing and Website Promotion Services:

Globtier Infotech effective Internet marketing and website promotion services delivers on all these important variables and thus contributes to your business’ true online success.
  1. Web usability based website design and development
  2. Driving traffic through search engine marketing
  3. Search engine and directory submission services
  4. Signature based article marketing services
  5. Creating and publishing Press Releases
  6. Affiliate marketing network creation and management
  7. Email marketing & campaign management
  8. Paid Advertising (Banner¸ Text adverts)
  9. Web Analytics based campaign management
  10. Paid surveys.
  11. Affiliate programs / associate programs
  12. Paid to Sign up
  13. Paid to Write Articles
  14. Paid Product Testing
  15. Organize and manage online contests

Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization or SEO is the methods of getting website on the search engines through relevant keywords (title). The mission of all SEO promotion should be enhancing the targeted visitors browsing the site. That means only specific visitors who are interested in the products and services your offer will increase your sales and ROI (return on investment). We are proficient in all SEO measures. Our SEO services start with website analysis. We apply the following SEO steps to increase traffic towards your site and increase search engine visibility.

Our SEO Process:

  1. Website analysis
  2. SEO friendly Services recommendations
  3. Keywords analysis
  4. Meta tag, title tag and alt tag composition
  5. Working with html source code
  6. Working with CSS and image
  7. Content optimization
  8. Manual Search Engine & Directory Submissions
  9. Link Building includes one way, reciprocal, three way link building
  10. Blog Submission
  11. Forum posting
  12. Article Publishing services
  13. Pay Per Click Services
  14. Periodically Ranking Reports
If you have any queries, have a low budget for website promotion or would like us to discuss the best plan for your site.

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