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Custom Web Development

Our team of experts IT professional allow us to deliver high quality
web application to our clients.


Value Proposition

Globtier Infotech's experience enables it to be in a position to help its clients deliver their projects efficiently, on time and within budget. Globtier Infotech's value proposition are attributed in the following key areas:

  • Ability to fully understand the client's requirements and technical environment.
  • Close communication with clients.
  • Ability to respond immediately and effectively to clients.
  • Extensively screened candidates for technical consulting teams.
  • Core team of expertise available for customer damage control and specialist ad-hoc consulting.
  • Internal technical support system for on-site consultants.
  • Low consultant turnover rate, which avoids mid-project personnel changes.
  • Comprehensive internal employee training program.
  • Ability to provide clients with complete consulting and training packages at all levels.
  • Internal library of technical programs, procedures, etc. available to all Globtier Infotech consultants.
  • Dedicated technical consulting and training divisions within Globtier Infotech.
Globtier Infotech's experience indicates that the primary keys to having a successful alliance relationship are regular communication, integrity, professionalism and reliability. Globtier Infotech has been built with these key foundation areas. This company mandate, along with strong business ethics, has produced a growing list of successfully implemented projects and satisfied Fortune 500 clients.
Our Clients
IT Outsourcing India
Why Globtier?

One of the strongest factors that attract most of the Fortune 500 companies worldwide to the outsourcing industry is the significant savings attached to an software outsourcing project On an average, companies report 40% to 60% increase in net savings with the help of Offshore IT Outsourcing.

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