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    A huge wealth of various data exists in software lifecycle, including source code, feature specifications, bug reports, test cases, execution traces/logs, and real-world user feedback, etc. Data plays an essential role in modern software development, because hidden in the data is information about the quality of software and services as well as the dynamics of software development.


    Globtier is a leader in the data analytics movement with a team that can prep, blend, and analyse all of your data, then deploy and share analytics at scale for deeper insights in hours, not the weeks that you may be used to. With various analytical and computing technologies, such as pattern recognition, machine learning, data mining, information visualization and large-scale data computing & processing, software analytics Our software practitioners perform effective and efficient data exploration and analysis in order to obtain insightful anResultd actionable information for data-driven tasks and engineering the software and services.


    • Client: E-Commerce Company (Machine Learning+ Data Mining)
      • Problem:Client wanted to price products dynamically based on different factors.
      • Our solution: Dynamic pricing based on machine learning using customer behaviour, Website visiting frequency, social and past purchase habits.
      • Results: Improved profitability and sales by 40%.
    • Client: Financial Company (Machine Learning+ Data Mining)
      • Problem: Client wanted to segment customers.
      • Our solution: Machine learning based customer segmentation for up sell and cross sell opportunities.
      • Results: Improved profitability and sales by 55%.
    • Client: Healthcare Company (Data Mining + Deep Learning)
      • Problem: Client wanted to detect early a rare form of desease.
      • Our solution: Deep learning based Image recognition..
      • Results: Improved early detection and helping doctors with a second set of eyes.
    • Client: Medium Size Financial Company (Data Mining + Machine Learning + Software Analytics)
      • Problem: Client was looking to reduce online fraud and data breaches.
      • Our solution: Machine learning based fraud detection system.
      • Problem: Client was able to detect fraud earlier and reduced reputation and financial loss.

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