Data Entry Services

Data Entry Services

Globtier Infotech Data Entry Services offers relief for the businesses for them to concentrate on their core business. Most of the companies spent a huge amount of money and effort in data entry services. Globtier Infotech offers high savings for your outsourced data entry services by providing excellence through quality services, innovation and technology. We help our clients in offloading non-core functions and focus on strategic thinking and managing trading partner relationships. By outsourcing the non-core process works also helps them to avoid capital expenditure.

The following is a list of the data entry services provided by Globtier Infotech:

  • Data capture services from online media
  • Data entry from images
  • Online order entry and follow up
  • Vouchers Indexing and documents
  • Data Entry for mailing lists
  • Data entry for hospital records management, billing, reports
  • Indexing of PDF documents.
  • Legal documents
  • Insurance claims data entry
  • Hand written ballot/cards entry
  • Indexed document retrieval services based online, tools and support
  • Survey completion and customer response recording for various business sectors using call center
  • Data entry and conversion from e-book and e-magazines
  • Data entry for web conversion of product catalogues
  • Data entry from hard/soft copy to any database format
  • Data mining, Data cleansing and warehousing
  • Report generation and conversion between different formats like PDF, XLS
  • Data entry for billing, booking and records management for Casinos, Hotels and Restaurants
  • Business card indexing
  • Custom data export/import interfaces with audits
  • New databases creation and updating of existing databases for banks, airlines, government agencies, direct marketing services and service providers
  • Data entry for processing of check, credit and cash payment in banking and finance sectors

Globtier Infotech serves large and medium business which span across different sectors including Real Estate Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Healthcare Industry, Architectural Industry, Entertainment & Gaming Industry, Government Agencies, Publishing Industry, Accounting Firms, Legal Organizations, Educational Institutions, B3 forms – Customs Brokerage and Logistics Support Services.

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