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Globtier 20th Anniversary Celebration

Globtier Marks Two Decades Of Success: Celebrating 20 Years of IT Excellence


Globtier, a leading provider of IT Services, to commemorate 20 years of success while celebrating milestones achieved along the way. 

May 17, 2024 – Noida, UP – Globtier recently celebrated its 20th Annual Day at Noida Golf Course, marking two decades of dedication, innovation, and evolution in the IT industry. Throughout these years, Globtier testified to its value by positioning itself as one of the leading cutting-edge IT service providers across the globe, affirming the dedication and diligence of its team. 

The celebration began with a lamp lighting ceremony, followed by an award distribution and a cake cutting ceremony. The entire Globtier team danced their hearts out, cherishing both new and old bonds created throughout their journey.

A Glimpse On Globtier’s Journey 

Globtier has attained various valuable milestones on the way; The company was recently renowned by prestigious awards for the Best Cloud Initiative at the India DevOps Show. The accolade recognized Globtier for its unwavering dedication and exceptional contribution to cloud computing, further acknowledging its determination to provide the latest and groundbreaking solutions that catalyze businesses toward success. 

Various leading system integrators in India recognize Globtier as the Best Service Partner. This further emphasizes the company’s steadfast approach and deliverance to its clientele while also applauding its performance in the market. 

Reflecting On The Last 20 Years Of Success, Growth, and Innovation

2005: Globtier debuted with a defined vision of excelling in application development. It expanded its expertise and embraced high-quality technology while delivering the same. 

2008: It achieved a diverse clientele from the USA. Establishing a dynamic client base and gaining more recognition in the international market, it received positive feedback from the clients which further testified to its commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology. 

2011: It ventured into the Indian market, expanding its audience base by introducing robust tech solutions tailored for businesses of all sizes, ensuring scalability, efficiency, and innovation across diverse sectors.

2015: Globtier partnered with top-tier system integrators across India to enhance IT solutions, drive innovation, and ensure seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies for diverse business needs, fostering growth and operational excellence. 

2018: Expanded to a 500-member team, fostering and nurturing a wide-skilled workforce to drive innovation and provide exceptional tech solutions to various industries across the globe. This growth significantly affirmed its dedication to overcoming difficult obstacles and meeting the unique needs of businesses worldwide. 

2020: It started providing tailored support services for SAP, Cloud, and Managed IT, to cater to specific needs of its clients. This comprehensive approach ensures customized solutions that enhance operational efficiency, streamline processes, and support business growth in an increasingly digital landscape.

2021: The company established a new office in Bangalore, expanding its capabilities to serve a wider client base. This strategic move ensures its presence in the region and ensures better client engagement and stronger trust building. 

2022: Globtier received recognition through prestigious accolades, including the ‘Best Cloud Initiatives – IT Sector’ award at the ‘India DevOps Show for outstanding contributions to cloud computing.’ The honor underlines its dedication and zeal for providing the best services to its client base.  

2023:Team surpassed 1000 employees, acquired diverse large customers globally, introduced Botgo, an AI-powered process automation platform, and also acquired the CRM platform CircleOne enhancing its service offerings and market reach.

Reflecting on the last 20 years, Globtier’s journey of success, growth, and innovation stands as a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence. From its humble beginnings in application development to becoming a global powerhouse in IT solutions, the company has consistently expanded its capabilities, nurtured a skilled workforce, and embraced cutting-edge technologies. 

With each milestone—diverse international clientele, strategic partnerships, significant expansions, prestigious accolades, and innovative product launches—Globtier has demonstrated resilience, adaptability, and a forward-thinking approach. As it continues to evolve, Globtier remains dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions, driving industry innovation, and maintaining its leadership in the ever-changing tech landscape.

“We are thrilled to celebrate our 20th Annual Day and to be recognized for our achievements in the IT industry,” said Rajiv Shukla, CEO of Globtier Infotech. “These milestones are a testament to our team’s dedication, our innovative spirit, and our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions to our clients. We look forward to continuing our journey of excellence and driving further success in the years to come.”

Globtier’s Vision for The Future

With the celebration of its 20th annual day, Globtier  aspires to achieve even more milestones in the coming years. It will remain committed to the goal of providing exceptional IT services to its clients to help them flourish in this digital era. Globtier looks forward to remaining an industry leader and bringing out new solutions for businesses of different verticals and sizes. 

About Globtier  

Globtier is one of the most renowned Managed IT Service Providers that offer a wide range of services such as cloud computing, DevOps, software development, IT consulting, SAP AMS & Infra support & Cyber Security. 

It has managed to build a reputation for delivering excellence due to its commitment, dedication, high-quality technology, and far-sighted approach. It puts its particular attention on resolving customer issues and assures that the unique needs of its clients are met seamlessly. It develops robust, flexible, and scalable solutions that foster operational efficiency and growth. 

The brand continues to push its boundaries to bring out a better version of itself, making it a trusted partner for organizations seeking to navigate the complexities of the digital world. 


Globtier Infotech

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