Round The Clock IT Help Desk

Globtier’s 24x7 enterprise IT Help Desk and Support Services is offered to reduce the wait time and to improve business efficiency for Small, Medium Enterprises & Startups. IT Infrastructure has become crucial, however, finding and onboarding of experienced technicians can be expensive and difficult.

Our support services can enhance your existing & internal IT resources with full support and instant response to your routine and emergency IT related issues. Our trained technicians are fully capable of resolving all IT related issues in real quick time.

Solution Overview

Globtier offers scalable & round the clock IT Infra help desk & support solutions that improves your team’s ability to identify, respond to crashes and downtime scenarios quickly, ultimately improves productivity, and enhances overall quality with a reduced budget. Additionally, we can deploy active monitoring and fault-detection technology that allows us to identify and address issues before they become disruptive.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Get ready for any Emergency with Disaster Recovery & Backup Solutions

In this current fast paced day and age Data loss and downtime can be extremely costly to businesses of all sizes. Heart of your business is Data, but, what happens in a situation of disaster? Will you be able to recover your operations? How long will it take you to get things running smoothly again?

With Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery services of Globtier you can be rest assured from any such challenges & move ahead continuously.

Globtier offers data backup and recovery solutions which covers design and implementation of a data backup and business continuity plan using either on-site or off-site equipment’s. At the same time, we’ll monitor your backups to ensure you always have access to hat you need & more importantly when you need it.

Data Backup and Recovery Solution

Globtier executes overall assessments to determine your business continuity requirements and suggests solution to address a variety of scenarios. Globtier tests the disaster recovery environment on regular intervals during the year, because when a disaster happens, the only thing required is confidence in the solution that comes with knowing that everything will work exactly as planned.

Benefits of Data Backup and Recovery Services:

  • Complete assessment of business continuity requirements
  • Frequently scheduled backup of all crucial data
  • Professionally designed and implemented backup and recovery plan
  • Carefully tested recovery plan
  • Backups monitored to ensure proper execution
  • Remote management & issue resolution

Managed Security Solutions

Proactive Shield for Your Esteemed IT Infrastructure

In current scenario cyber security is a major concern for organizations with corporate hacking organizations that generate revenue by attacking others, organized and state sponsored criminal groups and rogue nations seeking to steal information, hijack systems and extort money.Globtier understands that businesses have a responsibility to protect their customers, partners, vendors & employees against such threats. That’s why our affordable managed security services are available to keep our clients protected.

Managed IT Security Services by Globtier

Safeguarding internal networks and servers or putting policies and procedures in place to promote security moving forward, let Globtier help you understand the risks and assist you in remediating them. Whether it’s external protection such as intrusion detection and protection, we’ll leverage the best solutions for our various clients to protect their data and organization.

Network Support Services

Due to the critical nature of technology in business – including servers, networks and workstations – downtime can really impact revenues, productivity and customer confidence. Globtier delivers peace of mind with scalable network and server support that monitors performance, resolves issues and ensures your critical technology infrastructure is up and running when you – and your customers – need it most.

Network & Server Solutions

You can leverage our technology, solutions and expertise to increase the stability of your infrastructure in a cost effective manner.

Globtier offers a set of IT tools that delivers the real-time data on the status of your networks & servers. When an issue arises, we can alert your internal team or address it ourselves based on selected service plans.

Benefits of Managed Security Solutions:

  • Risk analysis, governance and metrics
  • Identity and access management
  • Deployment of best-of-breed security technologies
  • Installation of security patches, firmware and updates
  • Compliance with federal and/or industry standards and regulations
  • 24/7 threat detection and monitoring of vital systems

Above services available with comprehensive plans – Talk to the experts at Globtier to understand more

Benefits of Server & Network Support Solutions:

  • Identification and notification of infrastructure errors or failures
  • Quick detection and diagnosis of performance issues
  • Real-time monitoring of servers and network status
  • Remote installation and testing of firmware and patches
  • Remote issue resolution
  • 24/7 help desk support*

*Services available with comprehensive plans – Talk to the experts at Globtier to understand more.

Data Migration & Deployment

Future Readiness with Migration and Deployment Services

Data Migration Solutions

Whether it is a database, virtual machine or data center, moving data from one location to another can appear simple, but changes in functionality, architecture, workload management or other multiple factors can make migration an enormous challenge.

Your business can rely upon Globtier for migration and deployment services to make your transition as fast and seamless as possible. Be it upsurge of security, upgrading systems for better performance or migrating data to the cloud, we can accomplish all of the above services within very little or no downtime at all.

Migration & Deployment Service

Globtier’s team of experts starts with assessing your existing infrastructure, networks and systems along with understanding your present and forthcoming business goals. Based on our assessment we provide intelligent solutions according to you requirements. After completing the migration and deployment of your data, we place the new implemented solution through extensive tests to confirm its stability and operational performance at peak.

Benefits of Migration & Deployment for Businesses:

  • Skilled management of data migration and related troubleshooting
  • Process driven timeline for full migration and deployment
  • Unbiased evaluation of your present data structure
  • Reduced server cutover time
  • Extensive testing of implemented solution for peak performance and stability
  • Absolute savings of money, time and manpower

CIO as a Service (CIOaaS)

CIO as a Service (CIOaaS) is designed to form a part between your organization and managed service providers, to offer strategic IT guidance, budget planning & compliance supervision that might not be in place within small & medium enterprises. In addition to this, you have access to technical proficiency and advice at times of change, to support your organization in procuring the technology it needs.

Do you have the skilled IT guidance for future planning of your business?

With every step taken towardsexpansion & becoming more developed and profitable business, you need to be sure that your IT systems can support this evolution.

CIO as a Service (CIOaaS) is designed to form a part between your organization and managed service providers, to offer strategic IT guidance, budget planning & compliance supervision that might not be in place within small & medium enterprises. In addition to this, you have access to technical proficiency and advice at times of change, to support your organization in procuring the technology it needs.

CWe understands the value of outsourcing your IT operations and service delivery. With our extensive knowledge, we can see a visible gap between what your organization needs, and what IT service is actually delivering. This can have a huge impact on your ability to deliver your services and compete within the highly competitive market.

Going in for one time consultation with IT companies is going to cost you more & will not solve entire purpose. Without the right knowledge, your infrastructure may not meet the requirements of the next phase of your business.

The virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) will focus on delivering the right technical solutions and lowering your annual IT related expenses. CIO service will make sure you only pay for what your business requires.

The Details

Globtier’sCIOaaS is offered for following level of requirements

Responsive Service Plan

Suitable for organizations seeking CIO-level advice to support strategy and decision-making.

This plan is ideal for those organizations wishing to access CIO-level expertise to support internal development and decision-making. Typically suited to smaller organizations with capable day-to-day IT support with access to high-end industry expertise and consultation at a very low cost.

Proactive Service Plan

Suitable for organizations seeking to expand business activities.

This plan is suitable for companies/ organizations looking for expansions. Collective IT Management provides all the core essentials to support expansion plans it also complements and mentor internal IT resources. Our additional support & monitoring provides effective &strategic solutions at every level of expansion & growth.

Full Service Plan

Suitable for organizations seeking for full IT solutions and services.

Globtier’s comprehensive CIO service is designed for those organizations that do not have internal IT expertise and resources. This planoffers broad support for effective corporate IT governance, managed IT advice, proactiveIT strategy, service performance, technology acquisitions along withnetwork Security policy and compliance framework.

What to expect

  • Cost analysis to plan and design the right IT infrastructure required
  • Manage IT infrastructure upgrade projects on-time and in-budget
  • Plan and deploy backup and disaster recovery systems
  • Manage security risks and safeguard confidential business and customer information

Virtual CIO Services

Globtiers’ vCIO services help businesses evaluate their operations, measure their technology needs, bring into line your IT infrastructure with their strategy, implement policies, maximize technical relationships, deploy plan and actions and make the most of this service. Globtier’s vCIO is fortified with extensive technical experience to help achieve your business objectives & future readiness.

Benefits of Virtual CIO Services:

  • Supervision in making strategic IT decisions
  • Inexpensive IT expertise
  • Cost savings vs. hiring in-house tech support personnel
  • Future readiness assistance
  • Incident tracking and root cause analysis
  • Remote issue resolution