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Find Permanent Or Contractual Employees With Globtier’s Flexible Staff Augmentation And Consulting

Elevate Staffing experience with effortless hiring. We search for top quality talent to match our clients’ permanent or contractual requirements. Our team of talent acquisitions specialists manage negotiation and swift onboarding so businesses can extract maximum benefits from their skills.

What Makes Globtier The Best Staffing Service Provider Among Successful Businesses?

Globtier is considered as the best staffing service provider among big names because of our unmatched recruitment strategy and expertise in finding the best in breed talent from a pool of candidates. We ensure that the candidates we pick are laced with certain qualities apart from the required ones such as being easily moldable, fast learning skills, maintaining team spirit, and leadership qualities. We believe in careful selection and quick hiring for fast onboarding so that no more time is sacrificed.
Another major reason for our image as the “best staffing agency” is because of our invincible track of accomplishments and great dedication towards this task. Our expert team of recruiters work day and night to spot the most suitable person for the respective role.

Our Services

Fresher Hirings

Employing recent graduates or individuals with minimal experience to fill entry-level positions, often with a focus on training and development.

Permanent Hirings

Recruiting employees on a long-term basis with full-time positions, providing stability and investment in an organization's growth.

Payroll Management

Outsourcing payroll tasks to a specialized service provider to handle salary processing, tax compliance, and benefits administration efficiently.

Contractual Hirings

Temporary staffing arrangements where employees are hired for a fixed duration to meet short-term project needs or cover leave, offering flexibility to employers.


A talent acquisition approach where organizations hire individuals, provide necessary training and skills development, and then deploy them to specific roles or projects to maximize their potential.

Benefits Of Staff Augmentation And Consulting

Cost Efficiency 2

Cost Efficiency

Reduce long-term employment costs and save money by accessing specialized skills and expertise as needed with our recruitment solutions company.

flexibility (1)


Quickly adapt to changing project demands, deadlines, and challenges by onboarding or offboarding professionals without the complexities of permanent hiring.

Expertise 2


Access a diverse talent pool of industry experts and consultants who provide specialized skills and strategic guidance to address complex challenges.

Speed 2


Accelerate project timelines and decision-making processes by bringing in immediate resources and expert perspectives.

Objective Perspective

Objective Perspective

Gain an unbiased view of your organization's operations, enabling the identification and resolution of overlooked issues

Resource Optimization 2

Resource Optimization

Efficiently allocate resources, ensuring optimal utilization of time, money, and manpower.

Objective Perspective 1

Risk Mitigation

Mitigate risks through informed decision-making, risk assessment, and the expertise of consultants, reducing potential pitfalls

Resource Optimization

Market Insights

Stay competitive by staying informed about industry trends, customer demands, and emerging technologies with us; the top recruitment company.